Have you ever witnessed the greatness of nature up-close? Imagine what the hydro technician and the rest of the crew felt when they took on the Vidraru Dam project and worked on building this huge reservoir in the heart of the mountains? 


The Vidraru Dam is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Romania, which draws in hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. A wonder of engineering, it offers a breathtaking view of the reservoir lake built on Arges River. 


Sadly, 80 people have lost their lives in the five years of work and sacrifice on the construction site. Once it was finished, the dam went on to be ranked fifth in Europe and ninth worldwide, alongside the largest reservoir lakes in the world.


Picture the feeling of being high up in the mountains, surrounded by forest and water as far as the eye can see, next to a dam with a height of 166.6 m and an arch length of 307 m. 


It required the excavation of 1.768.000 cubic meters of hard rocks, out of which approximatively one million had to be extracted from underground, and 930.000 cubic meters of concrete. You realize now that the largest dams in the world could only be built with great effort and major investments.


You can admire this feat of engineering either from the base, by taking a boat ride on the lake, or from above, from the terrace of mount Pleasa. Here you can also see a statue of Prometheus holding a lightning bolt, the symbol for electricity. 


And if you are into extreme sports, you can get your adrenaline rush at the bungee jumping platform. 


Seen from above, Vidraru dam looks like a piece of rope tied between the Fruntii Mountains and Ghitu Peak, over the gleaming surface of the lake, which changes color with the season and time of day, reflecting either the clear blue of the sky, the deep red of the sunset or the vivid green of the forest covering the mountains.  At night, the dam is lit up, so one could see it from a plane. It is pretty hard to decide which time of day is best to photograph this beautiful mix of natural and manmade beauty.


Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Romania, do not forget to make a stop at Vidraru Lake, a spectacular reservoir that provides hydroelectricity, irrigation and flood control, worthy of a spot in the Guinness Book of Records for its engineering and beauty. 


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