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Because it represents the embodiment of good music and culture, even when there is no concert or the George Enescu Festival is not taking place, the Romanian Athenaeum is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bucharest, a true symbol of Romanian culture that you cannot miss. 


The fact that it is part of the European Heritage list (le Patrimoine Européen) of historical landmarks makes the Athenaeum one of the most visited attractions in Bucharest.


Even if you are not a classical music aficionado, the Romanian Athenaeum, with its majestic concert hall equipped with a special sound system and its ionic architecture, makes it impossible to resist taking a selfie in front of it.


The eight columns by the main entrance rival those of the Erechteion Temple on the Acropolis, in Greece.


The inside of this Bucharest landmark is even more impressive: the entrance hall has four spiral staircases, marked by columns made of Carrara marble and several decorative sculptures arranged in a circle. 




The rounded architecture is simply breathtaking and trying to take it all in will, quite literally, make your head spin.


The concert hall is nothing short of a true architectural gem. The most impressive element has to be the large fresco measuring 70 m in length and 3 m in height.


The spectacular fresco encircles the hall, and it contains paintings depicting representative scenes of Romanian history. Just as impressive is the concert organ, built specially and placed in the background of the stage. 


If you are passionate about art and cultural experiences, the photos you take here will no doubt serve as the most beautiful mementos of your time in Romania for you and the ones you share them with. 

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