If we were to put together a tour of the castles in Romania for Dracula fans and adventure lovers, Poenari Castle would definitely be on the list, being an important Romanian tourist attraction. 

The impressive number of stairs – 1480 to be precise, might seem intimidating, as it is for most tourists. But with every step you will feel closer to the sky and the stunning view of Arges Valley, much like the one Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) would enjoy when he lived here, will make it all worth it.  

In reality, Dracula was merely a fictional character created by Irish author Bram Stoker in the book with the same name. He was inspired by the medieval ruler Vlad the Impaler, described in some chronicles as a bloodthirsty tyrant. He was the one that built this fortress as a protection against the Turks.  

According to legend, Vlad Tepes (the Impaler) was on the run from the Turks, so he took refuge inside the walls of the Poenari fortress, after having shoed his horses backwards to confuse his enemies.  

All that remains of the former citadel are ruins, but the five observation towers and the 2-3 meters thick walls are still left standing. Even though it does not showcase impressive art pieces or spectacular throne rooms, you will still be amazed by its high-altitude location on the plateau of Mount Cetatea, and you will wonder how they were ever able to carry the river stones all the way up, given that climbing the 1480 concrete steps is a difficult task as it is. 

You will leave Romania with some wonderful memories, stunning photos and updated history knowledge, with which you can then amaze all your friends and loved ones. Most importantly, you will understand why people in the past would have given their lives to protect such treasures.

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