In the same way you feel the eternal, primordial connection with the earth when you walk barefoot through the grass, you will experience a spiritual connection with the sky and God as you step into the courtyard of the most beautiful wooden monastery in Romania, the Barsana Monastery.

If you think you have seen astonishing places before, of such divine beauty that you felt they were a piece of heaven on earth, this trip to Maramures might have you reconsider.

With its fairytale scenery and timeless history, this magical place has fascinated both tourists and locals for hundreds of years. 

The first records of the monastery date back to 1390, but in 1791 it was destroyed and the monks were sent away. 

However, its memory endured in the believers’ hearts, so that, after 1989, with great efforts, the locals were able to raise it from the ashes and make it even more beautiful than before. 

As you pass the archway beneath the bell tower, you will feel like you are about to enter the “gateway to Heaven”, as described by a sign at the entrance. 

The cross on top of the 57-meter high wooden church seems to be piercing the sky, as if to help disperse the bliss and joy of the Holy Spirit upon those who visit it.

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