If you are going on vacation in Romania and you want to see a completely unique stone monastery, you absolutely must visit the Ivanovo Monastery, just a few steps past the southern border. 

What makes this place so special is a series of stone carved chapels and cells, 30 meters above the ground. And that is not all. The churches’ interiors used to bear painted frescos, but only a few of them have had their murals survive to this day. 

In fact, out of the entire religious complex that used to comprise 40 churches and nearly 300 cells, most of them have not stood the test of time. 

For instance, at the Ivanovo Stone Monastery you can see one of the most well-kept mural paintings in the Virgin Mary Rupestrian church, located 38 m from the ground.

Proof that this is one of the most important monastery complexes in Bulgaria can be drawn from a mural inscription that states Tsar Ivan Terter (1279-1292) himself spent the last years of his life here, where he was also buried.

Today, the stone churches of the Ivanovo Monastery, only 21 km away from the city of Russe, are among the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Ivanovo Monastery is an important spiritual and cultural monument that any tourist would be lucky to admire up-close.

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