Considered one of the most beautiful and refined orthodox monasteries, the Horezu Monastery with its 100% authentic Romanian architecture was included in the UNESCO World Heritage from the very beginning, with no sign that anything could ever surpass it. 

Your trip to Romania should comprise, among other things, the most visited Romanian monasteries, including the Horezu Monastery, because this is where you can see the highly acclaimed Horezu ceramics, as well as the gorges carved in the mountain walls and the famous stone caves. 

Erected in 1693 by one of the most beloved Romanian rulers, Constantin Brancoveanu, the house of worship is a representation of the Romanian art of the period, with its unique architecture in what came to be known as the “Brancovenesc” style, named after its founder.

There is much to say about the flock of eagles and owls (RO: huhurez), the birds which inspired the name of the place, but you are much better of learning all this details once you get there and you can see them for yourself.  

Someone once told a story about how they were trying to take a picture of a beautiful village garden, where there also happened to be a stray chicken. As the picture was being taken, a huge eagle came down from the sky, swooshing over their head, grabbed the screaming chicken in his talons and flew away, leaving the spectator in awe over its impressive display of courage and ruthlessness.

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