If you prefer the beach instead of the mountainside, a tour of the Black Sea coast or a few days’ vacation at the Black Sea in Romania will be perfect for you. After you are done sunbathing, you should pay a visit to the Casino in Constanta, perhaps one of the most visited tourist attractions by the seaside due to the breathtaking scenery that surrounds it.


And if you happen to catch a storm on the seaside, you might have the chance to take some truly spectacular pictures, capturing the tall, foamy waves that sometimes reach the height of the Casino itself. 


Built in 1909, on the coast of the harbor-city Constanta, and inaugurated with pump and circumstance in the presence of King Ferdinand, this historical monument is a legendary place where many love stories were born, at the balls and theatre shows that took place here. Sadly, it is also where many have met their deaths, by drowning themselves in the sea after losing huge amounts of money in the casino. Nowadays, it is a prime tourist spot for people visiting Romania, as well as a popular movie location, as quite a few scenes have been shot here over the years.

While the exterior is in art nouveau, the inside of the casino, although left in disrepair, has Baroque elements, including the ballroom, reading rooms, and game rooms. The frescos, stucco reliefs, and stained-glass windows evoking the luxury of the olden days make the Constanta Casino one of the most beautiful abandoned buildings in the world.  


Even though at the time it opened it was criticized by the local press as being “a monument celebrating ignorance and bad taste”, tourists have been fascinated with it for over 100 years. 


Romain Veillon, a French photographer, wrote about the abandoned casino that has remained one of the sought-after tourist attractions in Romania: “During a recent trip to Romania, I had the chance to shoot the abandoned casino in Constanta. As a pearl watching over the Black Sea where wealthy travelers and the elite flocked from all over Europe to play and dance all night in what used to be the most magnificent building of the country”.


We are eager to hear what you thought of this stunning old building on the Black Sea coast, and we hope the beach with its salty sea air was just what the doctor ordered.


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