15 Days Private Tour in Romania, Bulgaria and Republic Of Moldavia

We have designed this tour as a “Complete Adventure”, which includes a day trip to Bulgaria, three days in the Moldavian Republic and a 12-day tour of Romania. We believe this type of vacation to Romania has all the ingredients of a discovery journey that stimulates all the senses and creates a truly compelling and unforgettable experience. 

We think the bankers and international business men that decided to move to Romania, fell in love with its mythical charm and vast beauty over a comprehensive tour such as this one, because it made them realize that this is where they feel most at home, much like Prince Charles himself.

Let’s see the adventure:

Day 1 – Trip in Bulgaria

1. Veliko Tarnovo

2. Tsarevets Fortress

3. Samovodene Street 

4. Arbanassi Village 

5. Nativity Church

6. Konstantsalieva House 

7. Panoramic Tour of Bucharest  

Day 2 

Day 3 

1. Curtea de Arges Monastery

2. Poenari Fortress (1480 steps) 

3. Old Town SIBIU

1. Hunyadi Castle 

2. Densus Church 

3. Alba Iulia 

4. The Vauhan Fortress

Day 4

Day 5

1. Turda Salt Mine  

2. Trip to Cluj Napoca  

3. Surdesti Wooden Church 

Overnight Stay in Vadu Izei

1. Stop at a morning market

2. The Merry Cemetery from Sapanta 

3. The workshop of the cross sculptor

4. Peri Church, the tallest wooden structure in the world

5. Memorial Museum for the Victims of Communism in Sighetu Marmatiei 

6. Traditional folk music and dance private show 

Day 6 (Start to Bucovina)

Day 7 (North Of Moldavia Monsteries)

1. Barsana Monastery

2. Mr. Barsan’s Workshop

3. Church of Ieud

4. Ciocanesti photo session

Overnight stay at Gura Humorului

1. Voronet Monastery

2. Humor Monastery 

3. Sucevita Monastery 

4. Moldovita Monastery

5. Discovering the art of egg decoration  

Overnight Stay In Gura Humorului  

Day 8 (Trip To Republic Of Moldavia) 

Day 9

1. Iasi City Tour 

Overnight Stay in Chisinau

1. City Tour Of Chisinau

2. Visit to the Cricova Wine Cellars 

Overnight Stay in Chisinau

Day 10 (start to Tiraspol)

Day 11 (back to Romania)

1. Day Trip to Tiraspol 

Overnight Stay in Chisinau

1. Agapia Monastery

2. Varatec Monastery or 

3. Neamt Monastery 

Overnight Stay in Piatra Neamt

Day 12 (Crossing The Carpathians)

Day 13 (at home of Prince Charles Of Wales)

1. Bicaz Gorges 

2. Visit to a gypsy family from Transilvania 

3. Sighisoara City Tour 

Overnight Stay in Sighisoara

1. Sighisoara Citadel

2. Clock tower Museum in Sighisoara

3. Armory Museum in Sighisoara

4. Biertan Fortified Church

5. Trip to Viscri

6. Home-cooked lunch

7. Visit to the blacksmith’s

8. Visit to the brick-making workshop

9. Wagon ride to a mountain sheepfold

Overnight Stay in Viscri

Day 14 

Day 15 

1. Rupea Fortress 

2. Dracula’s / Bran Castle

3. Walk through the Bran bazaar

Overnight Stay in Brasov

1. Brasov City Tour

2. The Black Church in Brasov

3. Sinaia Monastery

4. Visit to the Azuga Winery

5. Lunch and wine tasting from the supplier of the Royal Family

6. Trip to Snagov Monastery/ Dracula’s Tomb

Overnight Stay In Bucuresti

Day 1 (Day Trip in Bulgaria)

1. Private Trip To Bulgaria – Velico Tarnovo

Private Tour in Bulgaria with Nicolas, your personal guide 🙂

We start the day by exploring the ancient town of Veliko Tarnovo, with sights such as the Tsarevets Fortress and the Samovodene Street, famous for the craftsmen there.

Then we continue to the nearby village of Arbanassi, where you will visit the Nativity Church and the Konstantsalieva House. Afterwards, we head back to Romania to catch a Bucharest Panoramic City Tour.

We spend the night in Bucharest.

Day 2

Curtea de Arges, Poenari Fortress, Old City Sibiu

We leave Bucharest and head for Sibiu.

On the way, we stop to visit the Curtea de Arges Monastery to see the Romanian version of the Sagrada Familia, in an orthodox reinterpretation and a toned down zest for architectural lacery. We move on to check off other historical monuments on our list that were left behind by Romanian rulers and the Royal Family on these mythical lands.

We buckle up and venture up the 1400 steps to reach the Poienari Citadel (the “real” Castle of Dracula) which was the place where Vlad the Impaler would retreat in the event of an Ottoman invasion. We stop to take pictures to bring home to our friends, knowing that they will make them a little jealous.

At the end of the day, we relax and collect our thoughts with a walk through the Sibiu Old Town, where we spend the night.

Day 3

Discover Transylvania with local private guide 

We are discovering Transylvania step by step, as it is and not as it is said to be, each with their own considerations, tastes, perception, and camera angles.

We start with something unique, a gothic castle considered to be among the top 10 most beautiful in the world. If you ever daydreamed about a magical castle when you were little, the Hunyadi Castle, also known as the Corvin Castle is probably the spitting image of what you had in mind.

We sink further into history and the tour brings us in front of the oldest church in Romania, the Densus Church.

The end of the day will find us in Alba Iulia, an extension of the ancient Roman Apullum castrum, which was later transformed into a star-shaped Vauban fortress, surrounded by several lines of defense.

We spend the night in Alba Iulia where we will dream of saints immortalized in mural painting on the ancient church walls, knights, battles, and invasions, still mesmerized by everything we discovered on the third day of our trip.

Huniad Castle Corvin Castle

Day 4 (Trip to Maramures)

Private guide and driver – Trip to MARAMURES

Private trip to Maramures Romania dancers

Filled with energy and excitement, we head for Maramures, where we will have to help ourselves from exclaiming “Wow!!!” at every step, instead learning the local expletives “ioi” or “tulai Doamne”. So, prepare to be wowed by the indescribable beauty of the settlements and scenery, where you will get to enjoy delicious food and drinks, and have a taste of the world-renowned Maramures hospitality.

We “dismount” first and start heading towards the center of the Earth, in the Turda Salt Mines. Here we will take a cleansing breath of pure, saline air, and we will marvel at the salt mine turned theme park, which required an investment of over 6 million Euros.

After leaving the mine, we stroll through the Old City Centre of Cluj, one of the largest and most important cities in Transylvania.

We learn to appreciate the sanctity of wood with a visit to the Surdesti Wooden Church, another monument in the UNESCO World Heritage, like many of the attractions on our itinerary.

We overnight at a bed and breakfast in Vadu Izei owned by a lovely family who will greet us with a delicious home-cooked meal.

Day 5

To The Heart of Maramures

Another day of exploring Maramures and its never-ending supply of mysteries and surprises.

What do you say if we stopped for a bit to check out the local fair, where we can interact with people and immerse ourselves in the local atmosphere?

Afterwards, we will visit a beautiful and peculiar cemetery, because it is always filled with joy and laughter. The crosses dotting the graves in the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta are miniature works of art, painted in vivid colors and each bearing an inscription of a funny poem or limerick about the person buried there. We will also pop into the workshop of the master sculptor who designs and creates the beautiful crosses.

We move on to the highest wooden construction in the world, the Peri Church.

We also pay a visit to the Memorial Museum for the Victims of Communism in Sighetu Marmatiei.

And we end the day on a happy note, enjoying a private traditional folk music and dance show from Maramures.

We overnight at a bed and breakfast in Vadu Izei owned by a lovely family who will greet us with a delicious home-cooked meal.

Day 6

Start to BUCOVINA – Places to go

We leave Maramures behind as we head towards a new adventure, in Bucovina.

We make a stop at the Barsana Monastery, a heavenly place filled with flowers and vegetation, and an array of beautiful wooden constructions, and then we head to Mr. Barsan’s workshop, who is the most prominent wood carving craftsman in the area.

We also discover the Church of Ieud, also part of the UNESCO World Heritage list of historical monuments, just like Barsana, and it is considered the oldest wooden monastery in Maramures.

You will not resist the temptation to take a memorable photo shoot of the famous and colorfully decorated houses in Ciocanesti village.

We spend the night at Gura Humorului.

Day 7

The North Of Moldavia Monasteries

The whole day will be a tour of the most famous painted monasteries in the UNESCO World Heritage: Voronet, Humor, Sucevita, and Moldovita.

First, we have lunch together in the home of a local artist, where we will also discover the art of egg decoration (a craft called “incondeiere” in Romanian).

We remain in Gura Humorului for the night, because we still have a lot of beautiful Moldavian monasteries left to visit.

Day 8

From Iasi to Chisinau, Republic Of Moldavia

We leave Gura Humorului in the morning, continuing our trip towards the border, where we will cross the Prut River into the Moldavian Republic, the missing half of the Romanian heart that was separated from the body of the once Greater Romania.

On the way, we first reach the capital of our Moldavia, the city of Iasi, one of the most important cultural and historical centers in the region.

We arrive in Chisinau, the capital of the Moldavian Republic, in the afternoon or evening.

We spend the night in Chisinau.

Day 9 (Trip To Chisinau)

Private Trip to Chisinau and Cricova Winery

We being our trip to the Moldavian Republic with a tour of Chisinau.

In the afternoon, we take a trip to the Cricova Wine Cellars, one of the largest and most impressive underground wine cellars in all of Europe, who exports wines in the entire world. Of course, we cannot leave without trying them, so we will have a wine tasting and choose our favorites from some of the best Romanian-made wines.

We bet you will love it and even purchase a few bottles at a great price to treat your friends at home.

We spend the night in Chisinau.

Day 10

Day Trip to Tiraspol

Day trip to Tiraspol, the centre of the self-proclaimed Transnistria Republic.
Overnight stay in Chisinau.

Day 11

Back to Romania

We leave the Republic of Moldavia, heading back to Romania. We can stop on the way, if time allows it, to discover a couple of other historical monuments, such as the famous monasteries at Agapia, Varatec or Neamt.
We spend the night in Piatra Neamt, thinking about the fortress we will be visiting the next day and the wonders of nature surrounding it.

Day 12

Private Tour to Sighisoara Citadel

Did you know that Sighisoara’s citadel was built in the 12th century?

Wrapping up our trip to Transylvania, we cross the Carpathians, following along the Bicaz Gorges, a breathtaking picturesque path carved into the mountain.

We stop to pay a visit to a well-known gypsy in Transylvania, a unique opportunity to learn about their culture and way of life.

We continue our trip in Sighisoara, the perfectly preserved medieval citadel, and take a guided tour through the historical center of the city. The Sighisoara Citadel is also registered as a Historical Monument in the UNESCO World Heritage list of landmarks.

We stay the night in Sighisoara to rest and collect our thoughts after the wonderful “spectacle of life” we have witnessed.

Day 13

Private Trip to Transylvania and at home of Prince Charles Of Wales

We resume our adventure with a visit to the Clock Tower and Armory Museums, where we find out many interesting details about Dracula/Vlad the Impaler, the beloved Wallachian ruler.

We head towards the peculiar village of Biertan, where you can admire beautifully preserved Saxon houses and visit the remarkable fortified church, also part of the UNESCO World Heritage list of landmarks. Here you can learn about the unusual method used to prevent divorce, which has been so effective that there has been only one divorce in Biertan in the past 300 years.

As promised, we continue down our picturesque and medieval route, but then we dive into a culinary adventure, because we have arrived in Viscri, made famous by the refuge in nature and beauty found here by Charles, Prince of Wales.

We have home-cooked lunch made up of traditional Transylvanian dishes, uncovering a different culture and way of life than we are used to.

We take a wagon ride to the blacksmith, the brick-making workshop, and finally to a traditional sheepfold, to catch a glimpse of the mountain dweller’s lifestyle and taste the best sheep cheese.

We spend the night in Viscri, trying to imagine why Prince Charles gave up the luxury of his palace for the smell of fresh cut hay and the clear starry night sky of this spellbinding village.

Day 14

BRAN/ Dracula’s Castle and The Fortified Church of RUPEA  private tour

Today’s trip brings us to the recently restored Rupea Fortress, just so you know that our medieval adventure is not over yet.

We leave for Bran Castle (famously known as Dracula’s Castle), exiting one fairytale and entering another.

How about a walk through the bazaar, to buy souvenirs, taste and even buy delicious local products, like homemade cheese, tuica or palinka?

Overnight stay in Brasov.

Day 15

Old Town Brasov by walk

In the morning we head out slowly towards the old city center of Brasov, and of course we cannot miss the Black Church, yet another spectacular monument that has endured throughout the centuries.

On our way to Bucharest, we stop at the Azuga Winery, a supplier of the Romanian Royal Family, and then we visit the Sinaia Monastery, both of which we are sure will make a strong impression on you.

A little before reaching Bucharest, we make a stop on the Snagov Lake island, home of the Snagov Monastery, the hidden location of Dracula’s Tomb, or rather, the tomb of Wallachian ruler Vlad the Impaler.

We arrive in Bucharest late in the evening, so we stay here for our last night.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are in most cases extracted from our correspondence with our clients. Have a look, maybe the  question forming in your mind right now has been answered already, and you haven’t even had a chance to ask it!

Where do the tours start?

Our tours start in either Sofia (Bulgaria) or Bucharest (Romania). Both cities have well-connected international airports. However, we can also customise the tours to start in a different city, if that better suits your flight arrangements. Alternative airports include Varna or Burgas (in Bulgaria) or Sibiu, Cluj Napoca, Iasi and Targu Mures (in Romania).

What are the departure dates?

We do not have set departure dates. All our tours are private and organised on request. The dates when you start and end the tour are entirely up to you.

I like one of the tours, but I’d like to make some changes to the itinerary. Is it possible?

Of course. All our tours are customisable. We can make changes to one itinerary, join 2 itineraries together, or you can just tell us about the places you want to see, and we’ll make a whole new itinerary just for you! Customising a tour comes at no extra charge.

I would like to change some of the hotels that come with the tour. Can I do that?

Definitely. The hotels are always up to you. We can upgrade the standard selection of hotels, or if you are on a budget, we can also offer cheaper accommodation options.

I see that in most cases, only breakfast is included. Why is that?

Having meals included means that you would have to be at a certain restaurant at a certain time just so that you don’t miss a pre-booked meal. This takes away from one of the great advantages of a private tour: flexibility. Not having a restaurant pre-booked gives you great freedom to set your own pace each day, add or skip some sights as you go, etc.
To ensure maximum flexibility throughout your trip, meals are usually planned as you go. Your guide knows the best restaurants in each area you travel through and will make suggestions based on the kind of meal you’d like to have.
The meals we include are the ones that come with an important cultural element: home-cooked meals where you can interact with locals, lunches at homes of artists where you learn more about a specific form of art, or refreshments such as the ones offered during the home visit with the Gypsy family.

Do your tours include any insurance related services?

No. We recommend to all of our clients to carry a medical insurance that would cover any health-related costs that might incur while on the trip. Insurance for trip interruption and lost/stolen luggage is also recommended.

Do I have to pay for the guide’s meals?

No. The guide will have a meal allowance, which will cover his meals. Furthermore, the guide will only join you for meals if you ask him to – if you’d rather be on your own for lunch and/or dinner, that is perfectly fine.

How about changes of itinerary on the fly? Can we do that?

Changes on the fly can be done to a certain extent. You can always choose to skip a meal or a sight, or swap for a totally different sight altogether. Alterations of itinerary that imply hotel changes are subject to rooms availability. Also, please note that in the case of last minute hotel cancellations, sometimes the hotel may charge late-cancellation penalties which can be up to 100% of the reservation cost. Additional costs generated by on-the-fly changes will be billed separately.

The Itinerary of The Trip

This itinerary is indicative and subject to change over time, so please consider the reference which you will receive in the offer, after you have requested tour or excursion that.

We say this because, so the trip to the caves, and walk on Transfagarasan are accessible only certain months of the year.