Month: January 2017

The Romanian Palace Of Parliament

Any of your trips to Bucharest shouldn’t miss the must-seen Palace Of The Parliament (People’s House) built by Ceausescu   In a few hours, on a Bucharest City Tour that includes the Palace of Parliament, you will learn how dangerous and damaging it can be for a nation to let a totalitarian regime like communism to take over. In front of one of the biggest constructions in the world, you will feel small seeing what pointless opulence and megalomania “the sleep of reason” can create.  Imagine you are trying to take a selfie in front of the building – it...

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Dracula’s Tomb & Bucharest City Tour – 10h

Dracula’s Tomb (Snagov) & Bucharest City Tour (10h Day Trip) If you only have 10 hours to spare and you do not want to miss a tour of the major attractions in Bucharest, but you also want to visit the monastery on the green island in Snagov Lake, where the tomb of Dracula/Vlad Tepes is located, this trip to Romania is perfect for you. Here is an overview of what you will get to see on this private tour adventure:    1. Dracula’s Tomb on the Snagov Monastery Island 2. The National Village Museum 3. The Arch Of Triumph 4....

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